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Training on Option Basics

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Training on Option Basics

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About Course

In this course, we will spend three days, online/offline to cover all the basics of options and some core strategies to cover all kind of market situations. The key highlights of the course are as below :

  • Basics of what is an option, or a call or a put, how does it work, who buys them and who sells them and why etc.
  • What is an intrinsic and time value of an option, impact of option geeks on time value,
  • What is a payoff graph for a option strategy, how to calculate break even points, profitability zone,
  • What are option greeks, and why are they important in planning any trade, and rules for using them,
  • Understanding volatility in depth, and how to select volatility based option strategy,
  • Understand correct option strategies to deploy at correct volatility and time condition,
  • Understand core option strategies ,with complete details on how to trade those, such as naked call, naked put, vertical credit spreads, vertical debit spreads, horizontal credit spreads, Short straddle, Long Straddle, Short strangle, Iron butterfly and Iron Condor etc.
  • Learn the profitability profile and how to select best trade out of various option via our proprietary “Trade Scoring Technique” to select low risk – high reward trades,
  • Finally, we will also look at core risk management plans to put in place before trading options & avoid making novice mistakes

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