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Master the Art of Options Trading with our comprehensive, simple and proprietary Equity and Option Trading Course. Gain In-Depth Insights into Basic and Advanced Options Trading Strategy, Master Technical Analysis, and Implement Effective Risk Management Strategies.

Our Proprietary Option and Equity Trading Systems ensures that you’re equipped with the Knowledge and Skills essential to thrive in the Stock Market and make consistent profits.

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Risk Management Rules


Our most consistent trading trading – option selling in stock ! Professionals always sell options, not buy them like novices. If you can also master the art of option selling in a correct way, then it’s not difficult to beat the “Fixed Deposits” returns, even on monthly basis !

Stocks always follow a trending, and a non-trending phase, and options allow you to make money in both the phases of the market. In this course, we focus on identifying a low risk stocks, using a series of steps, to sell options profitably. If you want to learn, and become a successful trader – you MUST know the art of option selling. Join us, and learn it now. You also get:

  • Three month hand-holding period to guide you to implement the strategy correctly,
  • FREE access to all future updates to this course,
  • FREE automated template to do strategy related calculation and trade recording,
  • FREE doubt clearing sessions for next 3-months
  • Bonus examples, on regular basis

Strategy Performance Statistics : 

  • Returns : Can’t disclose due to SEBI restriction (but we had easily beat Fixed Deposits on monthly basis, most of the months)
  • Accuracy : 77.3%                                                    * Max Winning Streak : 16                                                   
  • Max Drawdown : -7.9%                                        * Max Losing Streak : 3
  • Win/Loss Ratio : 3.9                                           * Sharpe Ratio : 11.3
  • Profit Factor : 9.3had

Our most famous “One Crore Challenge” uses a simple and effective rule based approach, with proper risk management, aims at achieving triple digit potential returns annually. Through LIVE trades executed in our personal capital trading account, with > 50 lakh capital, we showcase the strategy’s efficacy, instilling confidence in its potential (check past Twitter post @4percenttrader handle)

This simple strategy exploits theta decay on weekly expiry of Mid Cap Nifty, Fin Nifty, Bank Nifty, Nifty and Sensex to earn regular profits with low risks on Intraday basis. Explore this course now and start your journey to profitable trading. You also get:

  • One month hand-holding period to guide you to implement the strategy correctly,
  • FREE access to all future updates to this course,
  • FREE automated template to do strategy related calculation and trade recording,
  • FREE ebook on advanced options trading strategy
  • FREE doubt clearing sessions for 3-months

Strategy Performance Statistics (from Live Trades) #onecrorechallenge : 

  • Returns : Can’t disclose due to SEBI restriction (but we were able to double our capital in 4-month before restrictions came)
  • Accuracy : 95%                                                       * Max Winning Streak : 29                                                   
  • Max Drawdown : -2.6%                                        * Max Losing Streak : 1
  • Win/Loss Ratio : 20.3                                         * Sharpe Ratio : 26.8
  • Profit Factor : 58

Learn Technical Analysis (Online Course)

Are you struggling to grasp the in’s and out’s of using technical analysis tools effectively, OR getting lost on which tools to use ? Despite your efforts, are you still unsure about how and when to employ these tools to your advantage? Our course on technical analysis addresses this fundamental aspect by providing clear rules and a systematic process for technical analysis. You will learn :

  • Clear objective rules on using various Technical tools and Indicators
  • How to arrive at clear view on stock – BUY / SELL / HOLD
  • Identify best areas to buy stocks for short OR long term
  • Use this analysis to even trade options successfully

Basic Options Strategy (Online Course)

Learn the art of trading, adjusting or evolving basic option strategies like a pro! Explore powerful techniques to turn losing trades into profitable ones and significantly reduce risk. Master the skills needed to navigate market volatility and achieve success in options trading

Become proficient not only creating, but also in “Adjustment” techniques for complex option strategies, especially when they move against you. These strategies empower you to realign trades in your favor swiftly and effectively minimizing any losses.

Keshu Lakhotia
Keshu Lakhotia
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I've been using 4percenttrader for half a year now, and the results have been truly impressive. The guidance and insights provided by their team have been a game-changer, making it one of my best financial decisions to date. The team at 4percenttrader brings a level of expertise and professionalism that's hard to find elsewhere. Their recommendations and strategies have saved me countless hours of research and analysis, making it an excellent choice for those with busy schedules who want to grow their investments without dedicating too much personal time. I enthusiastically recommend 4percenttrader to anyone seeking to optimize their investments and achieve remarkable returns. This service has exceeded my expectations, and I'm thrilled with the results. If you're looking for a way to boost your investments while minimizing the time and effort you put in, 4percenttrader is the way to go. Thank you, 4percenttrader, for helping me reach my financial goals!
Abhishek Kabra
Abhishek Kabra
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For the past six months, I've partnered with 4percenttrader and experienced exceptional returns. Sudhir's support and guidance has been pivotal. This is undoubtedly the wisest choice I've made in my financial endeavours. :) I would reco 4percenttrader to everyone who wants to make money without really investing much of their personal time.
Krishan Kumar Srivastava
Krishan Kumar Srivastava
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4 Percent Traders are really good at what they do. Their trades & strategies provide insane ROIs. Have got 37K in profits within 2 months. Mr. Sudhir is really honest & transparent. Looking for low risk, high returns and due risk management - Go for them :) Keep it up
Anuj Gupta
Anuj Gupta
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I would like to thank Subham from the 4percenttrader Center. This is a one-of-a-kind firm. I have yet to see a company that treats its client this way. Subham has been so helpful in every which way. It has been a pleasure to find a firm like this. The platform they use for trading is very easy to use and understand, I have not come across any technical difficulties and it has been a joy to work with. I highly recommend the 4percenttrader for any trader looking to receive the right service in their trading journey. The 4percenttrader and all its representatives are educated, knowledgeable and experienced. Thank-you
keyur parmar
keyur parmar
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4percenttrade is a very good platform for all and it provide daily updates on market

~ 50%

Returns annualy

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SEBI Registered Research Analyst: Trust in our expert analysis to guide your stock trading, option trading and investment decisions.

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Realism: Acknowledging market volatility, we offer a balanced approach with realistic expectations.

Wisdom: Benefit from our extensive experience in stock market trading and investing.

Risk Management: Prioritising risk mitigation over ‘always profit’ approach for sustained profitability.

Education: Empowering you with the knowledge and trading strategies to trade independently.

Support: Consider us your trading journey companions, ready to assist and guide whenever needed.

We still believe in the age old saying of ​ “Honesty is the Best Policy”, , so we follow everything we teach and we trade everything we recommend. ​

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▬ Frequently Asked Questions ▬
NO. We are an company, but use other software’s such as sensibull, opstra, tradingview, chartink etc – but we don’t ask our customers to subscribe to anyone of them, neither are we associated to any of them.
No trade can be guaranteed to give 100% profit. Our endvour is to select trades with high probability of success, but we may still end up loosing
Most of the time yes. But any black swan event, or news impacting stock prices significantly – we may have to exit at higher losses than planned for.
We publish all our trades for educational purposes only, AND our customer ant obliged to take them. They are adviced to use their own discretion.
We have our own process to first identify the stocks to trade, then our own proprietary methodology for scoring each trade on various parameters and then and then only we recommend the best possible trading ideas.
The pre-requisite (Optionflix-1) is an optional course for you to take. Rest of the courses can be purchased individually too.
It can take upto 48-hours for your acess to be enabled from the backend. Incase you are still not able to see it – contact helpdesk.
One month subscription is a MUST for you to buy higher duration plan. We want our customers to have time in building trusts in our services before upgrading in higher plans. Note: You can only purchase 1-month plan once, thereafter you have to subscribe to higher duration plans if you wish too
We believe in being transparency on our trades, hence the reason to post some free trades on ‘Social Trading” forum for anyone to see how our trades work (NOTE: there is no option to adjust the trades here – a loosing trade here may be profitable via the risk management adjustments we do)
We do take risk reward into account, but if the probability of success is very high then we are OK to have a lower risk-reward. In the end – what matters is cash flow I,e how much money have you made, hence return on capital. We do target even more than 4% ROC, if the trading conditions permit it, else we get out on meeting our target.
Once subscription is activated, you will get all the new trading ideas only for the next 30-days. If you still have any previous open trade on 31st day we will help you close it.

If you are trading with us, you have to be alert on the channel for any message. Incase, you miss it due to whatever reason,
managing the trade may be difficult later on, and you may have to bear more losses than planned. The responsibility lies on you for
timely execution of all advices. Their may be minor difference in execution prices, as markets move continuously, but that’s OK.

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