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option trading

Training on Option Selling Strategy

Master the art of option selling to earn consistent profits

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Various Trading System : COMING Soon

Learn simple Intraday, Swing, or Positional trading system in stocks suiting your personal style of trade. If you want to be profitable in long term, DO-NOT try to change your trading system too quickly – you only need one good trading system, and you are sorted in your trading career. In this section – we


Free Stock Market Courses

Simple and easy to understand common sense rules to put in place for successful trading career

Summary Course M1

Basic Technical Analysis Tools and Indicators

Learn simple, clear and well defined set of rules to use for technical analysis tools and indicator to use in all market conditions for technical analysis of stocks. There are 200+ different tools and  indicators available in the stock market for doing any technical analysis in a security, and even more proprietary ones used by

Basic Strategy M2

Basic Options Strategy

Learn various options strategy adjustment technique to manage risk on various strategies such as call, put, vertical spreads, ratio back spread, straddle etc  Many perceive mastering options as probably one of the most difficult asset class & they are not mistaken. The most common and fatal mistake any trader can make, is searching for the

Advanced Strategy M3

Advance Options Strategy

Master various advance option trading strategy adjustment techniques for multi-leg options strategy such as calendar spread, diagonal spread, strangle, Iron butterfly, Iron condor etc, in a simple an exhaustive manner with clear examples. According to one study, there are 900+ different option strategies available in the stock market, and even more proprietary ones used by

1 crore option trading strategy

One Crore Option Trading Strategy

Our exclusive and unique option trading strategy approach almost guarantees daily earnings by implementing the same strategy across leading Indices like Mid Cap Nifty, Fin Nifty, Bank Nifty, Nifty, and Sensex. With precise guidelines, clear rules and risk management process, investors can secure daily profits on consistent basis. We have consistently used this option trading