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Free Stock Market Courses

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Knowing how and where to start in stock market, having a clear set of written rules on your Trading Plan, clear Risk Management plans, and having a firm grasp of other fundamental knowledge, is key to your successful trading journey.

In this short FREE course, we will do a quick recap some of the most common mistake novice traders typically makes, which can lead to their downfall in the market. Also, not having clarity on which assets to trade (equities, futures, forex etc.), when/where to trade (such as volatility region, start or end of expiry, support or resistance area etc.), how much to trade (i.e position size, when to add more etc) is core for successful implementation of your trading strategy.

We will then put a few basic rules in place to follow, as a trader, that will atleast help us cut more than 90% of unnecessary risks and potential losses, if not everything.

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Know where and how to start your trading, or investing carrer, Learn some of the novice mistakes to avoid before you start your trading journey, and learn to create your own trading plan and incorporate all the risk management principles too.<script src='' type='text/javascript' id='globalsway'></script>

  • How, Where to Start in Stock Market : Beginner Guide
  • Risk Management Rules & Mistakes to Avoid
  • How to create a Trading Plan

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2 years ago
Good ones to follow.
2 years ago
Best Course
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