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One Crore Option Trading Strategy

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One Crore Option Trading Strategy

About Course

Our exclusive and unique option trading strategy approach almost guarantees daily earnings by implementing the same strategy across leading Indices like Mid Cap Nifty, Fin Nifty, Bank Nifty, Nifty, and Sensex. With precise guidelines, clear rules and risk management process, investors can secure daily profits on consistent basis.

We have consistently used this option trading strategy alone to convert a trading capital of 25-lakh into one crore within an year, hence the name “one crore option trading strategy”. This roughly translates into a 300% return on capital in an year. To build your confidence in this strategy, we also post the outcome of daily trades taken using this strategy in our twitter (or X) channel regularly as a part of our one crore challenge. #onecrorechallenge

Our proprietary option trading methodology mirrors a modified version of the Iron Condor strategy, with frequent adjustments aimed at maximizing trade profitability based on real-time Index and Option Chain data analysis. Achieving consecutive weeks of profits is feasible through disciplined adherence to trading rules.

In this module, we will show you tangible results of one crore option trading strategy with REAL LIVE TRADING DEMONSTRATIONS, illustrating how a simple strategy, when used properly can yield consistent returns. This strategy is specifically designed only for Index Expiries. In this module you will learn:

  • Correctly leveraging time decay in options to our advantage
  • Definitive rules on when and how to enter the trade
  • Methodology for determining optimal option strikes to sell
  • Clear Risk management protocols
  • When to exit the trade for consistent profits
  • Adjustment techniques (if you wish) to increase profits in the trade
  • Mitigating losses during extreme events,
  • Real Time Trading Examples – taken on account with > 60-lakh capital,
  • Proven tactics to avoid unfavorable trading days and minimize losses
  • How you can refine and enhance this strategy to increase profits etc.

We will pick up any particular random week, to trade in personal account, and illustrate the entire process in a step by step manner on how to setup the trade, manage the trade and exit the trade.


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Course Content

The Trading Strategy
In this section we will focus on learning the step by step process with clear rules to enter, execute, manage and exit the trade.

  • Step by Step Strategy Rules

Live Trading Examples
We will see the live trade using this option strategy, setup step by step in a clear rule based manner

Summary and Tips
We will look as additional general rules to follow for this strategy

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Material Includes

  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • Life Time Access
  • Access on mobile/laptop/desktop
  • Access from anywhere


  • Basic knowledge of calls, puts and working knowledge of standard Iron condor option strategy.

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