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Basic Options Strategy

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Basic Options Strategy

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About Course

Learn various adjustment technique to manage risk on various basic option strategy such as call, put, vertical spreads, ratio back spread, straddle etc 

Many perceive mastering options as probably one of the most difficult asset class & they are not mistaken. The most common and fatal mistake any trader can make, is searching for the perfectly profitable option strategy (which doesn’t exist) !

Infact, any new trader MUST start from the basics, and try to master some of the core and easy option strategies in depth, and trade them for atleast first 6-months to build a strong foundation, before exploring more complicated ones. More complicated a strategy is – More difficult it is to manage.

In this module, we will look at some of the simplest, yet effective options strategies to manage in a bullish, bearish OR sideways market conditions, if that particular trade starts going against us. In such a situation, our only objective must be to minimize our risk(/loss) or even come out of it at a profit, by doing various adjustments to the original trade. We will understand these adjustment techniques via real trade examples too.

Note: More examples will be shared/added to each section in due course of time (for FREE).

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What Will You Learn?

  • Key market condition to confirm before setting each type of trade,
  • Option Geeks and their impact on each type of trade setup,
  • Various adjustment techniques possible for each of the trade setups,
  • Real trade examples with detailed explanation for each adjustment technique,
  • Clear set of rules to apply while managing each trade during its lifecycle,
  • Summary of all the risk management steps for each trade setup,
  • Decision matrix to guide you to choose right adjustment technique.

Course Content

Single Leg Option Buy
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  • Introduction to Option Buying
  • First Adjustment Technique
  • Second Adjustment Technique
  • Decision Flowchart and Summary

Single Leg Option Sell
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Vertical Spread
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Ratio Back Spread
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Short Straddle
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Material Includes

  • 4 hours on-demand video
  • 1 Year validity
  • Access from anywhere
  • Access via mobile/desktop/laptop


  • Basic understanding of calls, puts, vertical spreads, ratio spreads and straddles as an strategy.
  • Basic understanding of option geeks and their impact on option prices


  • Anyone looking to learn the art of risk management, AND minimizing their looses in the original trade-setup significantly via various adjustment techniques available, and come out with a minimal to no-losses in the trade.

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