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Training on Option Selling Strategy

About Course

In this course, we will spend hours, online/offline to cover all the basics of options selling and how a simple, rules based, well risk managed strategy can generate consistent profits. The key highlights of the course are as below :

  • Recap of what is call, put, an intrinsic and time value of an option, impact of option geeks on time value etc
  • Understanding volatility in depth, and how to select volatility based option strategy,
  • Understand correct option strategies to deploy at correct volatility and time condition,
  • What is a payoff graph for a option selling strategy, how to calculate break even points, profitability zone,
  • What are option greeks, and why are they important in planning any trade, and rules for using them,
  • Recap of Short Straddle and Short Strangle strategies,
  • Clear set of rules on using RSI, ADX and Option Chain Analysis while setting up the trade,
  • Learn the profitability profile and how to select best trade out of various option via our proprietary “Trade Scoring Technique” to select low risk – high reward trades,
  • Look at the potential Adjustment Techniques for the trades to manage risk & lower losses (if),
  • Next, we will also look at core risk management plans to put in place before trading options & avoid making novice mistakes
  • Finally, we will look at correct process of Trade Journaling, making a trading plan and how to improve your trading performance over time.
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