Advance Options Strategy

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Learn various adjustment techniques for multi-leg advance options strategy such as calendar spread, diagonal spread, strangle, Iron butterfly, Iron condor etc, in a simple an exhaustive manner with clear examples.

According to one study, there are 900+ different option strategies available in the stock market, and even more proprietary ones used by Big Institutions. As there is not a single strategy which is 100% profitable all the time, it’s best to master one strategy at a time, before moving to next one. Infact, you don’t need to master more than 15-different options strategies, capturing all the market situations, to be a successful trader!

In this module, we will look at slightly more advanced options strategies involving multiple option legs to manage in a bullish, bearish OR sideways market conditions, if the original trade starts to go against us. In such a situation, our only objective must be to minimize our risk(/loss) or even come out of it at a profit, by doing various adjustments to the original trade.

We will understand these adjustment techniques via real examples, and also under situations of break even point violation (early in series, late in series etc).

Note: More examples will be shared/added to each section in due course of time (for FREE).

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